Tap fitness classes in Renfrewshire

Dance to enhance your fitness!

Everyone can be taught to dance. It is suitable for all abilities, and it can be done in a group setting, in the community, in care homes, or even in your living room! You can be standing, seated or supported doing TAPTone. It is a simple and fun way to dance. At StrictlyTAPTone, our Tap fitness classes in Renfrewshire are for everyone.

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Tap dance fitness instructor in Paisley and Renfrewshire, group tapfit class in a community hall

Making music while you exercise

TAPTone is a workout for both your body and brain! Our slip-on taps mean you won't even realize you're working out - you're just dancing and MAKING MUSIC! There are also toners which engage the upper body ensuring an all over workout. Our Tap fitness classes in Renfrewshire also create great memories for years gone by.

Timetable and classes






Who we work with:

Our classes are for everyone. We offer interactive seated exercise sessions reaching out to older adults in Renfrewshire, working with various community groups performing seated TAPTone allowing people with limited mobility to still produce music while they exercise!





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Why StrictlyTAPTone

All levels of tap welcome:

You don't need any dancing experience to join in with our tap fitness classes in Renfrewshire. We welcome people of all ability and mobility level, and people can join in and work out as much as they are able to.

Highly accessible:

Our classes can be enjoyed and joined in by dancers at any level of expertise and mobility. We provide seated dancing classes every week, visiting residential homes and community groups around Renfrewshire.


Classes in many locations:

You can enjoy StrictlyTAPTone in Bishopton, in the sports and social club; in Johnstone, at the AG Theatre School; and in Linwood, at St Conval's Chapel Hall, on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays respectively.

All equipment provided:

All our classes come with Feetbeats, which slip over any flat-soled shoe, allowing you to tap out any tune or beat, and have you exercising without even knowing it. We also provide tonners for a full body workout.







 Tap dance fitness instructor in Paisley and Renfrewshire, seated Tapfit class.

Everyone is welcome!

No matter what your ability, fitness levels and dance experience, we want to make everyone feel welcome at our tap fitness classes in Renfrewshire. All the dance moves are easy-to-follow and our sessions at StrictlyTAPTone are completely inclusive. Our classes are great for people old and young, to enjoy dance without inhibition.

While we welcome people arriving at the venues, please do try to book before you come, as classes can get very busy, and there is sometimes limited room.