Dance fitness in Renfrewshire


Bringing dance and happiness

At StrictlyTAPTone, our classes are flexible to your abilities and fitness. You can sit or stand during TAPTone, and the moves are easy to follow and fun to perform. With the addition of our Feetbeats to your footwear, the sound of the tap will make the exercise not feel like exercise at all. Your dance fitness in Renfrewshire will help you keep active, and improve your mental and physical wellbeing.







 Tap dance fitness instructor in Paisley and Renfrewshire, seated tapfit class.

Seated classes

We offer interactive seated classes for dance fitness in Renfrewshire. You can have us at a residential home, community centre, or in your own living room.  The emphasis is on exercise, strength and balance with a range of props including top hats and canes and anything else that entertains! We will organise a vibrant, rejuvenating class for everyone to enjoy. Dancers can sit or be supported while they tap along to the music and dancing prompts, such as top hats and canes and anything else to entertain. Call us to book a visit!


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Fitness for everybody

TAPTone is a low impact, fun filled, dance workout, with basic tap steps. Which is great for people of all ages, mobility levels, and dance experience. It helps you improve muscle tone, raises your heart rate, keeps you active and helps your mental health.






Our dance class timetable





Raising money for Children in Need

Last year we raised £1242 for Children in Need,  as part of the nationwide Tapathon event. This upcoming year our mixed age group intends to raise even more. Nationwide over 7000 people took part, and raised in excess of £35,000 between them. Read more about our money-raising endeavours here.





Tap dance fitness instructor in Paisley and Renfrewshire, Tapfit classes in a large hall.

Can I wear my tap shoes?

Trainers are recommended with non-slip Feetbeats. The dance fitness in Renfrewshire is a mixture of basic tap steps and low impact aerobic exercise. Traditional tap shoes are not recommended due to the fitness aspect of the class, but if you wish to wear tap shoes you can.

Do I need any tap/dance experience to take part?

No! All you need to do is have fun, enjoy the music and dance like no one is watching!

How difficult are the classes?

All dance moves are simple and easy to follow along.

Do I need to book?

Yes, as classes can get busy and there is a number limit to each class. Classes can be booked through the website or through Facebook.

What do I wear to class?

Normal workout clothes or something comfortable. A towel and water bottle is also recommended as it can get hot and sweaty.

How much does a class cost?

All studio classes are £5.50 per person. Payment can be made through the online booking system. You can purchase a bundle of 10 classes for £50, which can be used throughout the next 12 months.




 Tap dance fitness instructor in Paisley and Renfrewshire, group photo of Tapfit class.


  • All participants must register at the door or via our online booking system.
  • This portal system will hold important details about the customer to ensure safety and welfare, and to enable communication via email, phone or text.
  • Booking online is recommended. Classes can get busy and there is a number limit. To ensure a space, classes can be booked through the website or through the link:








All studio classes are £5 per person. 
Payment can be made through the online booking system.
You can purchase 10 classes for £45. These 10 sessions can be booked via GymCatch and used within a year.
For seated StrictlyTAPTone sessions, please get in touch to discuss any needs or adjustments we may need to make.


Refunds will be offered if cancellations are made (via Gymcatch) at least 2 hours before the class starting time.  
On the rare occasion that a class is cancelled, a refund will be given.


The ‘Feetbeats' and arm toners are provided. The Feetbeats go around the base of any hard, flat-soled shoe and come in three different sizes.
When you enter the class, you collect your Feetbeats (in coloured bags) and your arm toner.
Small (red bag) = UK size 3 and 4; Medium (grey bag) = UK size 5 and 6; Large (black bag) = UK size 7 and above.
All equipment is cleaned before class.